Jocelyn’s 3rd Birthday Party: #2

Finally I got these blogged! Sorry grandparents! Lots of pictures.

My mom is pretty amazing at making cupcakes, so I put her on that task for her party. Jocelyn had fun helping Nana decorate little bear cupcakes for her party since it was going to be a Build a Bear party

That night, we headed up to mall to have her party. We started by playing in the play area  for just a bit and then went onto eating cupcakes.



I love the faces she makes when people sing to her or she is the center of attention.



After cupcakes, we headed down to Build a Bear. The kids chose their bear, bunny, or dog.


They got to stuff, put a heart in, and then groom their animal. Jocelyn also picked out a Happy Birthday shirt and crown for her dog.

DSC_0354 web  DSC_0362 web

DSC_0366 web

DSC_0384 web

DSC_0388 web

Everyone then named theirs. We had a pink bear named Rosie, a bunny named Doggy, a brown bear named Brown bear, and Jocelynโ€™s dog was Pupcake just like in Strawberry Shortcake.

DSC_0359 web

We finally sang Happy Birthday again and opened presents. Love her faces!

DSC_0414 web

 DSC_0416 web

We also tried to take a group picture. This was the best one and two of the kids would not get in the photo. ha! Thanks Kaylee for smiling!

DSC_0394 web

And no Jackson wasnโ€™t in any of these pictures. He was feeling sick, so he stayed home with Nana. This is how he looked for four days Sad smile


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