Jocelyn’s 3rd Birthday Party: #2

Finally I got these blogged! Sorry grandparents! Lots of pictures.

My mom is pretty amazing at making cupcakes, so I put her on that task for her party. Jocelyn had fun helping Nana decorate little bear cupcakes for her party since it was going to be a Build a Bear party

That night, we headed up to mall to have her party. We started by playing in the play area  for just a bit and then went onto eating cupcakes.



I love the faces she makes when people sing to her or she is the center of attention.



After cupcakes, we headed down to Build a Bear. The kids chose their bear, bunny, or dog.


They got to stuff, put a heart in, and then groom their animal. Jocelyn also picked out a Happy Birthday shirt and crown for her dog.

DSC_0354 web  DSC_0362 web

DSC_0366 web

DSC_0384 web

DSC_0388 web

Everyone then named theirs. We had a pink bear named Rosie, a bunny named Doggy, a brown bear named Brown bear, and Jocelyn’s dog was Pupcake just like in Strawberry Shortcake.

DSC_0359 web

We finally sang Happy Birthday again and opened presents. Love her faces!

DSC_0414 web

 DSC_0416 web

We also tried to take a group picture. This was the best one and two of the kids would not get in the photo. ha! Thanks Kaylee for smiling!

DSC_0394 web

And no Jackson wasn’t in any of these pictures. He was feeling sick, so he stayed home with Nana. This is how he looked for four days Sad smile


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