Santa Claus is coming to town?

I have been really struggling this year with the whole Santa Claus thing. I really don’t want to put too much emphasis on it. I want it to be more on Jesus. So that is what we are trying to focusing on. Santa will still be coming to our house, but he will be bring a nativity set, Veggie Tales: Saint Nicholas, and this book, The Story of Saint Nicholas (I heard it was really wonderful). We have also been reading The Christmas Story every night with Jocelyn. She has little cloth nativity people that she got for her birthday, so she acts out the book while I read. She loves it.

DSC_0436 web

We are also focusing on giving more and involving the kids in this.  It is Jesus’s birthday, and this is what he would want. We are nowhere near perfect or selfless, and I am not bragging, just hoping to inspire and encourage. And there is so so much more we could be doing. These are all ideas that I have gotten from other encouraging people or from the Word. So far, we have put together our shoebox, fed homeless people on Thanksgiving, tried to love my neighbor as myself by sneaking an anonymous religious card and a gift card into their mailbox (not sure if they are believers by the way they act, trying not to judge, secretly am, praying for that, realize we are all sinners though, probably should find out if they go to church, but I am really shy, praying for courage) and our small group adopted a family for Christmas. As a group, we were able to get them a vacuum, gift card for groceries and all 4 kids a bunch of gifts and each a warm coat. My In-laws decided they’d be getting Justin and I a joint gift this year and we have decided we wanted them to get us something from here or something along the lines of that idea. We have everything we need.


And another idea some of my friends gave me, they only get their kids 3 gifts each. This is what Jesus got when he was born. So far I have picked them out each two small gifts. Still trying to think of a third and I am having a hard time. Plus they get super spoiled from our parents, so I think I can be done.  Anyways my heart has been heavy this holiday season and I hope this gets easier. Lots of ramblings in this post, but just felt like spilling my heart today.

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3 thoughts on “Santa Claus is coming to town?

  1. April Unruh says:

    thanks for spilling your heart! i love it. Max and I talked a lot about Santa. He didn’t grow up with Santa coming. but every person we came in contact with, their 1st question was did Santa come? obviously Graham doesn’t know but I think we decided we are going to put out cookies and milk and have stocking stuff from Santa because it is fun. the rest will be from us and we wont put much emphasis on it. more on Jesus. we got the book Christmas Angels and read it to Graham every night before Christmas. He loved it. haha. such dilemmas. but good things to think about. and I think I will order that book about St. Nick. 🙂 love you friend.

    • Jen says:

      Thanks friend! That sounds like a great idea. Ya we did the stockings too. I will have to look into the Christmas Angels book. Love you!!

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