Jocelyn’s 3rd Birthday Party: #1

We celebrated Jocelyn’s birthday with the family Thanksgiving day since family was in town already.  Nana made her a pan of birthday brownies, plus we had a bunch of pies too.

DSC_0034 web  DSC_0043 web

Then we opened presents and she got a lot of neat things

Like this awesome coloring book from Aunt Lauren and Uncle Chris! And I admit, I even want to color some pages.

DSC_0061 web

Nana and Papa got her some dot markers, scissors, Melissa and Doug cutting food and pizza party.DSC_0064 web

Mammaw and Grandpa got her Toy Story Legos

DSC_0074 web

Grannie and Paw Paw got her some cute nativity play dolls that she can carry with her.

And Grannie and Paw Paw and Mammaw and Grandpa also got her Buzz Lightyear!

DSC_0086 web

And finally she opened our gift. We got her a helmet

DSC_0090 web

AND little did she know, she was getting her first bike! Justin snuck up behind her while she was trying her helmet on.

DSC_0092 web

She loved it!

DSC_0101 web

It was such a beautiful day so we all headed outside so she could ride it.

DSC_0107 web DSC_0132 web

DSC_0126 web

Jackson did not want to miss out so he got on the little trike we have.

DSC_0141 web

Such a great day! Pictures from her birthday party with her friends coming soon. This girl was spoiled!

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