Our day…

I love lifestyle photography. I love to capture the moments that occur throughout the day and the little details you normally don’t notice. I shot these photos last month and I LOVE them. They aren’t perfect, but they are US. This is what we do on a daily basis…we sleep, we eat, we play, repeat. I might clean and play on the computer somewhere in there too. And sometimes we watch TV…maybe even too much on some days. I feel so blessed I get to hang out with these babies everyday. I want to do posts like this more often, of the good and bad, the clean and messy, and everything in between. And I remember on this day, I was not very happy because my lens broke, so I was manually focusing everything and my right eye is not great. So sorry if they aren’t  in focus. But that won’t matter 10 years from now, what will matter is the memories we made!

DSC_0356 web

DSC_0359 web

I love watching babies learn and take in new things.

DSC_0362 web

DSC_0365 web

DSC_0368 web


DSC_0371 web

DSC_0381 web

Snack time!

DSC_0384 web

Wearing her Indian feather she made a Mom’s Day Out

DSC_0387 web

Up and down Smile

DSC_0327 web

DSC_0332 web

*Ps…if you care, I shot these with my ISO around 1000. I wanted to give them a little more grain. I just think it makes them feel cozy and real.

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