Free Art Print {November Psalm 107:1}

I have been thinking about making an art print for November for awhile now.  I have been so busy with picture taking and editing, I kind of put it off. I finally found the time to whip something up this weekend. This might not be the best one I have made, but it probably means the most. I faced some big things last week that were pretty hard on me, and I needed to keep reminding myself to be thankful for everything I am blessed with already and that God’s plan is wonderful. Wednesday, I was thanking God for my two healthy kids and Thursday, Jackson fell down the stairs (11 of them!). At first, I freaked out, but then I was able to thank Him that other than a bloody nose, Jackson was completely fine. That isn’t even half of what I was dealing with last week, but maybe I will have the strength to share the rest later.  I feel like I was being attacked big time last week, but then Friday came along and I wrote this on my Facebook status, “Today is a good day; A new day and a new beginning. I am getting baptized, Jackson doesn’t even look like he fell down the stairs, and all my other troubles have been flushed away! Oh how I love God!” 

It was such a good day and my baptism was great. A friend took some pictures, so hopefully I can share some of those soon.  Here is the free art print, feel free to download it and print. And hopefully this will help serve as a reminder if you are facing something difficult in your life. God is good and so is his plan!

This is sized for an 8×10. Click on the photo to take you to Google Docs where you can download.

Psalm 107 web

Personal Use Only. Please do not copy, sell, or alter in anyway. Thank you!