Today after breakfast, we headed over to the Dollar Tree so Jocelyn could pick up some things.  She looked all around the store for the things she thought she would like.  She choose a pink ball, stuffed monkey, bible coloring book, crayons, some Dear God books, stickers, princess wash cloth, Hello Kitty toothbrush, and some flossers. 

DSC_0706 web  DSC_0708 web

DSC_0718 web

She headed up to the cashier to pay for her items.

DSC_0723 web  DSC_0725 web

DSC_0728 web

When we got home, we put everything in a shoe box and wrapped it up for another little girl in need. Our church does this every year. She was so excited to give (minus the princess toothpaste which we had bought the day before, but eventually she came around!). Here is everything we included in our box (minus the toothpaste; she still wasn’t sure yet so it didn’t make it in the photos Smile).

DSC_0731 web

DSC_0732 web  DSC_0736 web

DSC_0738 web

To find out more about Operation Christmas Child, head over to Samaritan’s Purse. You can get some ideas of what you can put in a shoe box and also find a location where you can drop it off. Our church collects the shoeboxes each year and sends them out.  We had so much fun doing this and can’t wait to start this tradition with Jackson next year!

DSC_0713 web

UPDATE: I forgot to show the wrapped box. I first wrapped the whole thing, but realized they would probably look through it before sending it to a kid. I then wrapped the lid and bottom separately. We also attached the label to the top so they knew who to give it to. You can print those here. And they ask you to make a $7 donation to cover the cost of shipping and handling. You can do that when you drop off your box or if you want to see where you box goes you can donate online.

DSC_0308 web

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