Jackson’s Birthday Party

Things are still very busy around here. I finished all my sessions, but now have a lot to edit. Trying to get a few personal photos edited too.  We were planning on having Jackson’s party October 15th.  That Friday, I got everything somewhat set up.

DSC_0360 copy

DSC_0361 copy  DSC_0363 copy

DSC_0357 copy

I also made a bunch of cupcakes…

DSC_0356 copy

but then Jocelyn got sick Saturday morning and we had to cancel. We rescheduled for the next Sunday. Justin’s parents and grandparents came up. We got Mr. Goodcents for lunch and then he opened presents (more like watched Jocelyn open his presents).

DSC_0357 copy

His Mammaw is the queen of garage sales and antique shopping. She found this cute airplane and a little stool similar to one Justin had as a kid.

DSC_0360 copy

DSC_0365 copy

And we got him this Radio Flyer rocket. He absolutely loves it and rides it all over the house. I actually bought it last February for $35 on sale.

DSC_0377 copy

And finally we had some cupcakes…since I had already made some the previous week, I was feeling lazy and sent Justin to the store to pick up some premade ones.  All he could find were Halloween, which were a huge mess. But what fun is a first birthday without a huge mess. He demolished two cupcakes.

DSC_0382 copy  DSC_0384 copy

DSC_0409-Edit copy  DSC_0415-Edit copy

Someone else really enjoyed the cupcakes too Smile

DSC_0429-Edit copy

Happy first birthday to my sweet boy who is practically running everywhere!

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