Happy Halloween 2011

We started our night by heading over to Noah’s to Trick or Treat before all the Dads got home from work. I got some photos of the kids in their costumes before we left. Jackson was a zebra and Jocelyn was a butterfly. These were both hand me down costumes. Thanks Annie and Rebecca!

DSC_0984 copy

DSC_1009 copy

DSC_1027 copy   DSC_1032 copy

DSC_1049 copy

We had so much fun trick or treating with friends! Check out these cute kids!

DSC_1076 copy

DSC_1083 copy

DSC_1059 copy   DSC_1084 copy

When we got home we hit a few more houses with Justin.

DSC_1090 copy   DSC_1097 copy

DSC_1100 copy