Jackson: 1 year

I am a little late getting this out, but Jackson was sick last week with a bug, so we didn’t do much celebrating. We even had to cancel his party because Jocelyn got sick that morning.  We rescheduled it for Sunday though, so I will have some photos to share from that next week. 

For my information and the grandparents Smile: I took Jackson in for his one year appointment today. He is the best baby and just lays there and lets the doctors check him out. He weighed 22 pounds, 11 ounces (47%), was 29.75 inches (47%, yay!!) and his head was 48.2 cm (91% surprise, surprise Smile). He also got three shots, including his Flu shot. He cried, but got over it quickly. Jocelyn got her flu shot too and she was so brave.  She didn’t even shed a tear! Find Jocelyn’s 12 month stats here.

He Frankenstein walks all over the place now. It is so cute. And his little personality is really shining through.  He loves to cuddle and loves to look at books.  It is so weird how different boys and girls are.  He loves everything that has to do with cars or balls. He is now signing hat and trying to say ball as of just a few days ago. Jocelyn carries around her Woody all the time and he has a hat. Jackson always wants to play with it. He has also learned to go up and down stairs in the last week since Justin insisted we take the gate down. It was for the best and he is doing great. He only fell down the stairs once. And we are talking two stairs to the landing. I have the gate still on the longer part, but we just wanted him to practice.

Here are a few pictures of the kids taken last week on his birthday.

DSC_0059 w

DSC_0069 web

DSC_0092 w

DSC_0107 w

 DSC_0112 w   DSC_0135 w   DSC_0186 w

Happy Birthday to the happiest boy I know! We love you Jackson!!

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