Blanket Time

I got this idea from a friend earlier this month. She sets her kids on a blanket and they all stay there and play or read.  Then she gets some time to read or do whatever she needs to. I knew I could get Jocelyn to stay, but Jackson is wanting to go everywhere, so I figured that would be hard.  I decided to set some blankets out on the front lawn because I knew Jackson wouldn’t get off the blanket and go in the grass. It worked, and we all loved it!

DSC_0011 web

DSC_0022 web

DSC_0013 web

I even got through a whole chapter in my book.

DSC_0028 web

After awhile, we started seeing airplanes and that was so fun for Jackson. I think he could have sat out there all day watching the airplanes.

DSC_0030 web