Big Sister Bag

I made Jocelyn a big sister bag to bring to the hospital when Jackson was born and I forgot to share it in more detail.  It had a few gifts and fun things to keep her occupied when she was up there.  I put stickers, a coloring book and crayons, a movie, big sister bracelet, snacks, and a necklace she could make. She loved it!

I started  by finding a font I liked. I choose Rustler. I then typed out what I wanted it to say in a Word Document. I made the letters about 3.5×2. I printed it, cut out the letters, traced them reversely on felt so the lines wouldn’t show. I then cut them out and pinned them to the bag (which I got at Michael’s for $2 I think).

DSC_6342 copy

I used a light pink embroidery thread to hand stitch around the letters. It was super easy, just a little time consuming.

DSC_0554 copy

DSC_0556 copy

I made some  printable PDFs if you don’t feel like making them.

 Big Bro or Big Sis