Jackson: 11 Months

Jackson turned 11 months this week.  He has really changed a lot over this last month. He is really chatty and points to everything saying “Da.”  I am pretty sure that “da” means “that".” He wants to know what everything is. He has also started to clap. Whenever he hears music he dances and claps, or if we say yay!! He also started saying more (“maw”), mostly when he is eating. He is also standing on his own and has even started taking a couple steps in the last couple of days.


Jackson did great weaning and has been drinking milk from a cup for almost a month now. Such a good little boy!

DSC_0252 w

DSC_0267 w

Here are a couple of  pictures of Jocelyn too

DSC_0489 w DSC_0490 w