Toy Story 3 on Ice

We took Jocelyn to see Toy Story on Ice on Saturday.  I bought tickets a few months ago.  She had no clue we were going and was so surprised!! I brought my nice camera, but after a few pictures inside, I was told to put it away. I had to resort to the IPhone, so those pictures aren’t great. Oh well. We were right on the ice in the very first row. She got to give high fives and Evil Dr. Pork Chop {Hamm} got right in her face. She loved it. She also had a lot of room to dance and jump around.

DSC_0358 copy

DSC_0361 w DSC_0365 w

DSC_0366 w

photophoto (2)

She had so much fun and did not want to leave.

photo (5)

This probably isn’t legal, but I took some video with my IPhone so she can re-watch. It is only about 5 minutes of various clips. She has already enjoyed looking back at it.