Jocelyn’s First Day

Jocelyn started going to Mom’s Day Out once a week and last week was her first day. Nana got her this little backpack and she looked so cute {and grown up Sad smile} carrying it.


She was so happy her best buddy was in her class.

DSC_0225 w

She didn’t even shed a tear when Justin and I left. She just said, “Bye Dad and Mom” and went on to play. It made us kind of sad, but I guess that was good.  Normally she is suppose to stay for 5 hours, but I decided to pick her up before nap since it would be easier on us.  She left kicking and screaming because she wanted to take a nap with her friends. I guess we will be bringing her sleeping bag next time and see how that goes.  So glad she gets to do this and I get some alone time with Jackson.

Lots of pictures to edit, but should have more up of the vacation soon Smile