Bryce and Terra’s Wedding

We headed to Springfield this past weekend for a friend’s wedding. Bryce is actually the one that introduced Justin and me to each other, so we were pretty happy to see him get married to his perfect match. Mammaw drove up and watched the kids for us.  Since we had Toy Story on Ice that morning, we had to fly so we could make it to the wedding on time.  We rented a car, rushed to the hotel, ironed, and then headed to the wedding. We made it right before Terra walked down the aisle. Everything was so pretty and perfectly them.

DSC_0369 w DSC_0376 w

DSC_0385 w

DSC_0388 w

DSC_0390 w

We had a really fun weekend. Justin especially had a good time because he rented a Camaro and got to fly.

DSC_0394 copy

photo (4)photo (1)

and I learned that I really love Dramamine! I didn’t feel sick the whole way home and it was SUPER bumpy.

photo (3)

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