SarahAnne + John’s Wedding

So my brother in law got married in August and I am just now getting around to editing and posting these photos {12/20}.  This is the whole reason we went to California! Sorry ,I am so slow Mammaw Smile I am dating this back. Just going to post the pictures without to many words.

The rehearsal was on Friday and they did a couple practice runs.

Here is my adorable nephew before the rehearsal.

DSC_0023 web

and sweet Kylie ready to go down the aisle in her wagon

DSC_0032 m web

DSC_0046 web

DSC_0040 web

DSC_0038 web

DSC_0066 web

DSC_0069 web

Saturday was the big day!

DSC_0212 web

DSC_0217 w  DSC_0218 w  DSC_0224 w

DSC_0236 w

DSC_0240 w DSC_0255 w

DSC_0260 w

DSC_0221 w DSC_0263 w

DSC_0266 w

DSC_0267 q

DSC_0278 w

DSC_0279 w

DSC_0285 w

DSC_0288 web

Congratulations John and SarahAnne!!