Trip Home from CA: Day 3

…we survived the night without getting sprayed by our neighbor.  That morning the boys made breakfast.

DSC_0614 copy 2

We made sure to take a group picture

CSC_0628 copy 2

and then we got our tents and gear all packed away and headed to town. If you have never been to Sedona, I highly recommend it . So beautiful!

DSC_0651 copy

We looked around at the shops and ate some ice cream before we got on the road again.

DSC_0743 copy

DSC_0768 copy 2

DSC_0799 copy 2

DSC_0813 copy

Our next destination was Albuquerque.  We did stop at on the way at Meteor Crater on the way. It was pretty awesome and huge!

DSC_0817 copy

We made it to Albuquerque that night and ate at the Chili’s next to our hotel. It was nice to sleep in a bed and take a shower! 

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