Vacation 2011…Part One

We headed to California to go to Justin’s little brother’s wedding last week. We left on a Wednesday and drove through the night. We made it there by Thursday, about 20 hours later. I took this of Jocelyn before we left. She was so excited to see her Mammaw, but I told her she had to take a nap first. She looked so peaceful!

DSC_0005 w

We loaded into the car as soon as Justin got home from work. He had just arrived back from Canada that morning, so he was pretty tired. The trip was long and uncomfortable, but so worth it when I got to meet my new niece, who is now 5 months. She is a super happy girl!

DSC_0018 w

We went over to the hotel later that night and of course Jackson was still on Kansas time so he was up at 5:15 California time the next morning. So ready for him to be back on schedule! Friday was rehearsal day for John and Sarah, but I will share all the wedding photos in a separate post. I just want to share some of the beach for now.  Friday night we stayed in a cabin on the beach and Justin and I took a  walk the next morning.

DSC_0089 w

DSC_0086 w

and I think my hubby is pretty hunky. Haha, I love this picture of him! and he took one of me. We were so tired the night before, we both slept in our clothes and didn’t even change until we got a shower on Saturday. Just keeping it real over here Smile

DSC_0111 q DSC_0104 w

I love VW vans and saw this awesome orange one. This was the lifeguard stand in front of our cabin.

DSC_0122 w DSC_0127 w

The two little ones stayed at the cabin to nap and play. I totally forgot to take Jackson down to the beach, so he missed out on feeling the sand Sad smile

DSC_0133 w DSC_0157 w

Jocelyn loved playing in the sand and was a little afraid of the water, but she had fun with her daddy.

DSC_0200 w DSC_0195 w

And I LOVED watching all the surfers. Hopefully someday I can learn.

DSC_0210 w

More photos coming when I get back from the lake Smile