Trip home from CA: Day 1 & 2

Warning: LOTS of pictures from our trip!!

Sunday afternoon, we headed from California to the Grand Canyon. On the way, we had to stop at Bass Pro to get some sleeping bags for Mammaw and Grandpa and I really needed tennis shoes. I forgot mine. I found a kids pair that fit for $14!  We arrived after dark and found our campsite.  Lesson learned #1: Make sure you pre-check all your camping gear before you go!! We forgot a lot of stuff and Mammaw and Grandpa ended up in our tent that night because there’s didn’t have the cover.  It was sprinkling a little, so that would have been a problem.

The next morning we got up. The boys walked to the Canyon to see how far we were while Mammaw made breakfast. We also set the pack n play up outside for Jackson so he could play.

DSC_0321 copy 2

DSC_0333 copy 2

DSC_0352 copy 2

After breakfast, we headed over to the Grand Canyon. Another thing we forgot: a stroller.  Jackson got heavy!

DSC_0380 copy 3

DSC_0388 copy

But the views were worth it.

DSC_0477 copy 2

DSC_0504 copy

DSC_0402 copy 2

After showers, we all packed into the car and headed to Sedona. I absolutely love Sedona, Jocelyn’s stomach however did not love the twisty turns.  She had gotten car sick earlier on in the trip and it ended up in a big mess on her and Mammaw. Lucky Mammaw was more prepared this time!

We arrived to our campsite and got everything set up.  Our site was right next to a creek. We had fun playing in the water and jumping from rock to rock.

DSC_0557 copy 2 DSC_0560 copy 2 DSC_0566 copy 2

DSC_0576 copy 2

DSC_0550 copy

DSC_0608 copy 2

We grilled hotdogs for dinner and enjoyed roasting marshmallow later on. I figure out that I am NO GOOD at grilling hotdogs on a stick. I can remember how many times mine slid off the stick into the ashes. Justin had to end up grilling mine Smile

We also were warned when we checked in that there were skunks around the camp grounds. Later that night we heard some rustling in the bushes and found out that a skunk called those bushes his home. I am sure we all looked funny stomping and clapping to keep him away…