Nana’s Visit and Goop Recipe

Nana came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we had lots of fun! We went to Tanganyika the first day and Annie and her kids and April and her kids joined us.

DSC_0339 copy 2

DSC_0358 copy 2DSC_0370 copy 2

DSC_0347 copy 2

We also did a lot of playing

DSC_0375 copy

And have you ever tried making Goop (that is what we call it)? My mom used to make this stuff when we were kids and it was so fun to play in.  We made some up for Jocelyn to play with. She made a huge mess, but had a blast! And it is really easy to clean up. It runny when you pour it, but in the bowl it is hard to move objects through.

DSC_0487 copy 2  DSC_0490 copy 2

What you’ll need:

  • Corn starch               
  • Water
  • A bowl                          
  • Tray or Mat to contain the mess
  • Fun objects to bury and find

Take some cornstarch, and put some in the bowl.  Add water, slowly. As you add the water, stir the water into the cornstarch with your hands. This will tell you when you have put in enough water.

We also went to Chuck E Cheese while she was here, but I forgot to take photos. And the night before she left, we went over to a park to get some pictures of her with the kiddos.

DSC_0557 w

DSC_0537 w

DSC_0617 w

DSC_0695 w

DSC_0708 w

DSC_0716 w

DSC_0717 w

I needed to get caught up, so while I am away, I will have some auto posts. I have had a little time in the car to blog while the kids were sleeping.

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