Financial Peace, Take 2

My friend April came over the other day and we let the kids play while we chatted. We reminisced about how we met. She told me she read my financial peace stuff here on the blog the other day and how I talked about meeting her and Max. I just re read it. It is so funny how so much has changed since then. We have been great friends for almost two years and now have 4 kids between us.  I feel like we immediately clicked when we met and I am 100% myself around her, ok maybe 99% Smile.  Love that girl!! Justin and I are going to do Financial Peace at our church again this year. We just need a little motivation. Our main goal is to make sure we are tithing every month, and then put any extra towards the remaining debt. We have lots of travels planned for the next month: road trip to CA for a wedding, Grand Canyon, and any other fun spots on the drive home, house boat with some friends at Table Rock, and then Springfield for another wedding. On top of that we are also going to Toy Story 3 on Ice in September.  So, we are spending a lot of money on fun this next month. A lot of money that would have paid off half the remaining debt.  While this would have been awesome, we can’t miss the weddings of some people we love and Justin and I are in need of the vacation at the lake without the kids (I am sure I won’t stop thinking about them though). And I can’t wait to see Jocelyn’s face when we show up to TS3 on Ice. It is a complete surprise. We have one little student loan left to pay and then we will be debt free minus the house! So excited for that day! I can’t wait to see what Financial Peace motivates us to do this time.

6 thoughts on “Financial Peace, Take 2

  1. Sarah Comley Caldwell says:

    Hello Logan Family! I LOVE your blog – your art prints are amazing, I found them thru a link on Ann Voskamp’s blog. I’m from Wichita and have friends in Derby – yay! 🙂 (Am now in Fort Worth, TX). Just wanted to thank you for writing, and would love to see what your art prints would look like with two or three verses I love: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18: Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus; Phil 4:8 & Phil. 4:13. Blessings to your family!

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