Jackson: 10 months

Jackson turned 10 months on Saturday. Why does time go so fast???  I am trying to take in everyday and remember him at each stage.  He has 3 new teeth coming in on the top: the two middle and one on the left side.  He says mama, dada, baba, and gaga.  I hear these sounds the most when he is looking at books. He is now nursing only in the morning and having half formula, half milk (around 20-24 oz.) the rest of the day.  I can’t believe he is almost weaned. I think I am more sad this time then I was with Jocelyn. Probably because I was still producing milk really good. We leave for California next Wednesday and I knew it be easier on Jackson and me if he could just drink from a cup. Plus, Justin and I are going on a vacation without the kids when we get home. I just feel like everything has gone by so much faster this time around.  Took him into the doctor last week. He had a swollen finger. Still not sure what happen, but it was all puffy when he woke up from his nap. She weighed him and he was around 20 pounds. He is a very stout little boy, almost as wide as he is tall Smile.  We got some meds for his finger. I think he may have got a bug bite?? It looks a little better. Here are some photos of him from the past month.

DSC_0370 web

His favorite spot in the world is his high chair. Okay, well maybe second favorite next to my lap.  This boy can eat! He eats more than his sister, and maybe almost as much as some grown men.  I can’t pull out any type of food without him wanting a bite.  He knows when there is food around. And if I wasn’t in control of how much he ate, I’m not sure he’d stop.

DSC_0381 web

He also love his baths. He prefers if Jocelyn is in there with him, although he will NOT share his Johnson and Johnson empty soap bottle. It is his favorite bath toy. Silly boy!

DSC_0407 webDSC_0412 web

Love him to pieces. It makes me sad that I  am going to have to start thinking about first birthday party soon. We aren’t going to go crazy for his birthday this year, just some family and a few gifts and maybe a cupcake or two Smile. So hopefully it won’t be too much effort!

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