Exploration Place

We marked another thing off our summer list last weekend by going to the Exploration Place.  It is a fun science center. Jocelyn had a blast! We didn’t get a lot of photos, because we were too busy playing, but we did get a few.

DSC_0469 web

Untitled-1 web

They had this area where you could pretend to be a Vet. Someone loved this so very much!

DSC_0486 web

She also got to touch The Van de Graaff Generator, which made her hair stand up.  And yes, I did have to Google what it was called.

DSC_0499 web

So fun, especially on a HOT day!

And I am so excited to share a project I am currently working on. I know, I know, you say another one?? yes I will get some of them finished and I am almost done with this one. It will involve a little of

DSC_0503 web

If you don’t know what this is, then you are in for a treat Smile Coming Soon!

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