Weekly Dinner Menu

I try to plan out our monthly dinners and go grocery shopping right before the month begins.  This allows me to only have to make one big trip a month. I can then go grab the things we run out of like milk, salad, fresh fruit, veggies, bread and eggs each week and it isn’t a huge hassle to take the kids.  I like to have pretty menu to look at and reference each week so I know what we always have planned.  Also, that way my husband can see too.  I have gone back and forth on what I want. I have tried including breakfasts, snacks, and lunch, but have decided that I don’t really need to have all that written down since we stick to similar things for those meals every week.   Now, I still don’t think this is exactly what I want…still just thinking about going back to a monthly menu.  But, the thing I like about the weekly menu, is that I can include in detail all the sides. I will usually print 4 of these out and then fill out the blanks for the entire month. Its pretty simple and we don’t always stick to it. If we don’t feel like whatever I have listed for dinner that night, we will choose something else from the month we haven’t had yet.


Feel free to click on the photo and download the Pdf if you want it.  You can then print and write down your meals or if you have Photoshop, you can type in your menu. I will share again if I decide to try something else. I am also trying to make a daily planner that works for us. I am definitely a list girl and if it isn’t written down I  WILL forget!