I heart hometown address labels

I always get those free address labels in the mail that they send trying to get you to donate money.  They always say Ms. Jen Logan on them. I am married and have kids, so I wanted some that said The Logan Family on them.  I made those I hometown heart prints a couple weeks ago, so I thought it would be really cute to make some address labels using the same concept.  I ordered some for myself and my mom for her birthday {don’t read this Mom unless you want to see your present} . I designed the labels and then ordered them from Moo.com using their round stickers. They turned out great!

DSC_0325 copy

Here they are and I marked out the addresses for safety Smile 

DSC_0320 copy


My mom wanted blue and I ordered mine in a lot of different colors.

DSC_0317 copy

DSC_0311 copy

I am selling the custom made labels on Etsy in digital format.  From there you can take your file and order from wherever you’d like. Moo’s round stickers were around $20 for 104 stickers plus shipping. You can also see what they look like a little better on my Etsy page.

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