Flower headband

I first saw this blog post on Pinterest and fell in love with the cute hair bow the little girl is wearing and the dress. I tried to make the hair bow today.  Maybe I will attempt that dress someday.  It might be when I have grandkids though Smile  I had felt and scrap fabric on hand, as well as white elastic.

DSC_0250 web

I started with the rolled flower and then made the pink with the button {links at the bottom of the post}.

DSC_0266 web

And finally I made the felt bloom. Then I glued them all to a bigger piece of felt, cut around the edges and glued to the elastic.  I had glued the ends of the elastic together already.  It held together really well.  Here is the end result.

DSC_0287 web


I didn’t love it, maybe it’s the photo, but I think it is too big. Or maybe the felt and fabric I chose just don’t look great with what she is wearing. Overall, I think it is way too much.  So, I decided to take it apart and attach the flowers to their own alligator clips.  I think she will get more use out of the flowers this way. Here they are separately with their links. Oh and my model wasn’t really wanting to smile. oh well Smile

Rolled fabric flowers

2 web

Felt bloom version two

3 web

And for the flower with the button, I just cut out 4 circles that gradually get smaller. I cut notches in them, glued them together and glued the button in the middle.

4 web

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