Flying to Vinita

We have been doing a lot of flying this month.  Justin’s parents have been so nice to let Justin keep one of their planes up here so he can fly.  We went down to pick it up two weekends ago.  While we were there Justin and I took a flight down to Vinita to the over the highway McDonalds.  I remember driving under this when I was a little girl when we would drive from St. Louis to Tulsa to visit my grandparent.  It was pretty cool to fly over it!

DSC_0024 web

Justin’s dad took off right behind us, so I snap a few photos of him flying by us. The plane he is flying is a lot faster than the one we were in.  This was my favorite photo.

DSC_0036 web

The McDonalds doesn’t quite look like what I remember, but it has been probably 15-20 years since I’d seen it.  The ac was broke inside so it was pretty hot.  They were also out of milkshakes Sad smile

DSC_0068 web

On the way back we flew a few circles around Grannie and Paw Paw’s house. That did not make me feel well, but I did not get sick. Thank goodness!

DSC_0085 web

Justin snapped this one of Jocelyn when we got back to Justin’s parents.  He is a pretty good photographer!

DSC_0099 web

We went flying last weekend too…photos coming soon!

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