Flying to Benton

Last weekend, Justin’s parents flew up and we all flew over to Stearman field. 

DSC_0475 copy 3

Jocelyn rode with Justin

DSC_0490 copy

and Jackson and I rode with Mammaw and Grandpa.  This was Jackson’s first flight in a little airplane.  He did great!

DSC_0480 copy 2

We flew over the Flint Hills Golf Course

DSC_0499-2 copy

The YMCA in Andover

DSC_0503 copy

And then landed in Benton at Stearman Field (see our shadow).

DSC_0513 copy

And watched Justin and Jocelyn land.

DSC_0531 copy

I love this little airport. It has an awesome restaurant.  We had never been there for breakfast before, but it was really good. The prices are great and you get a lot of food. I hope we can live in an airport community like this some day.

DSC_0560 copy 2

photo (3)

They also had a fun playground outside.  Jocelyn kept busy, while the boys enjoyed their coffee on the patio watching the planes come in and out.  Jocelyn figured out how to make this swing go all by herself.

DSC_0577 copy

DSC_0596 copy


Mammaw posed this one…so cute!

DSC_0603 copy

On our way back, I took some photos of Justin and Jocelyn flying.

DSC_0631 copy

We had such a fun morning and I am hoping we can do this again soon Smile

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