Jackson: 9 Months

We headed to the doctor today for Jackson’s 9 month old appointment.  He had to get a TB test and they drew blood to see if he is anemic. This is all standard procedure.  His allergies have been terrible since Mother’s Day, and since they were already drawing blood, we asked them to check if he is allergic to our cat, Gracie. Hopefully not!  We should know in a few days.

Jackson was 19 pounds, 14 ounces (37%), 26.75 inches (6%) and his head circumference was 46.7 cm (85%). I can’t believe how short he is! He has only grown an inch since his 6 month checkup.  She wasn’t concerned since he is still growing. Find Jocelyn’s 9 month stats here.

He is crawling on hands and knees now, but will occasionally army crawl if he wants to go really fast!

DSC_0397 copy 2

He is also pulling up on everything and cruising along the furniture.

Untitled-1 copy

And he just started waving last Thursday. I love it!


He is now nursing 3 times a day and taking 2 naps. He has started to eat table food.  We tried strawberries cut up this weekend and he loved them. And yay for no strawberry allergy! He still only has 2 teeth.  He might not be very tall, but he is still my big guy Smile


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