summertime, smiles, and school

We had a beautiful first day of summer. If it wasn’t bedtime, he would have been outside playing.

Untitled-1 copy

Love my baby’s two little teeth and he is always sticking out that tongue!

Untitled-1 copy

He is pulling up on everything and starting to cruise! Ahh I am not ready for this! A photo from awhile ago of us. Not great of me, but he looks too cute!

DSC_0802 {web}

Not exactly sure how old Justin is in this photo {Mammaw??} but I think they look so much alike here!


During Jackson’s first nap Jocelyn and I have tot school.  She has been studying letters this summer. We are doing the letters in her name to begin with.  This week we are on letter C. Here she is with an Octopus we made from last week.  I have been using this website and this for a lot of the materials.

DSC_1601 {web}

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