Getting caught up! KC trip

I am typing this on July 18, but dating it back so I know where it fit into our lives.  Like I said, I have been busy with photography the last few weeks and really neglected my personal blog.  I have had 5 babies born in the last two weeks that I photographed, and that included 2 sets of twins. I will be posting those photos all on my photography blog soon.

This might be a bit lengthy, so bear with me. We went to Kansas City a few weekends ago to visit Justin’s grandparents and some of our friends.  About 5 minutes into the drive, Jocelyn asked “Are we there yet?”  And now it starts….we were wondering, where do they pick this up or learn this from anyways?  Do they come up with it on their own?  Both kids did pretty good on the drive.  Jocelyn got restless and declared that her bottom hurt about two hours into our three hour drive.  That was right around the time there was terrible traffic right outside of  Lawrence on the highway.  We found a shortcut though, thank goodness!  I let her watch Netflix on my IPhone until it died and that kept her content. 


Jackson started crying about 5 minutes before we arrived.  Overall it was a great drive.  We pulled into Grandma and Grandpa’s house around 7:30. Here is there house and all the beautiful flowers they have outside.  I sure wish we had  green thumbs! Justin and I are not very good at maintaining and keeping plants alive.

DSC_1455 copy 3

DSC_1463 web

DSC_1467 web

DSC_1477 web

Saturday morning, we hung around the house.  Jocelyn played in her princess castle tent that Grandma and Grandpa got her. She LOVED it! She even had to sleep in it the night before.

DSC_1484 copy 2

Taylor came over to see the kids and eat lunch with us.

DSC_1503 copy 2

Grandpa grilled burgers for lunch and then the kids had naps.  After naps we headed to Kansas City to Erin’s house to see my girlfriends.

DSC_1506 copy 2

Entering Jackson County

DSC_1515 copy 2 DSC_1516 copy 2

We had a fun time catching up on everyone lives and Jocelyn was loving all the attention.  She especially loved that they laughed at all her jokes.  It was great to see them!

DSC_1532 copy 2

Here is one joke she tells thanks to Max Unruh:

“What did the Mama buffalo say to the baby buffalo?”

DSC_1529 copy 2


We enjoyed dinner out that night and then breakfast the next morning with Erin, Becca, Bryce and Terra. Jocelyn even saw a man who looked like Santa (he was wearing a red shirt to top it off).  She was excited and we were a little embarrassed when she said loud enough for him to hear that she wanted to say hi to Santa!

We later went over to Bryce and Terra’s so Justin could help move the washer and dryer; they were moving the next day. Bryce and Terra took us out for lunch (thanks!!)  and then we were on the road home. We had such a great trip and can’t wait to see everyone again!

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