While you wait for more posts…

I have had 6 photo shoots for other people in the past month which means I have been busy which means I am a little behind over here.  I love keeping my personal blog up to date.  It is especially helpful when I need to remember something because after having these two kids my brain is absent sometimes.  I got a few cute pictures of the kids today and thought I would put them up.  I am planning on taking July off from taking others pictures so I can get a little break and give my family 95% of my time {leaving 5% for myself, Smile }.   These kids are growing like weeds!!  Jackson is everywhere and Jocelyn is loving playing with him.  She is just waiting for him to be able to stand up and dance.

DSC_0384 {web}

DSC_0427 {web}

DSC_0429 {web}

And Jocelyn has conquered her fear of jumping off things and now is currently jumping off the couch belly flopping on to a bean bag chair. Thanks Nana! Smile  I better go.

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