Jackson: 7 Months

Jackson is 7 months today.  He doesn’t have another check up until 9 months. He is rolling and army crawling everywhere.  The crawling is new since Nana came to visit.  He is also sitting pretty good, but he hasn’t figured out how to go back to laying down safely. He just falls over.

DSC_0161 c{blog}

He is still taking three naps, but we are going to start going to two next week.  We have started watching Your Baby Can Read with him everyday.  He loves it and so does Jocelyn!  His favorite song right now is Twinkle, Twinkle.  He can be screaming, but if you sing that to him he usually stops.  Yes he does scream if he is tired or hungry.  Otherwise he is happy.  Oh and he got his first tooth {the lower left} on my birthday. It looks like he is getting the one next to it in too.

DSC_0185 {blog}

He kept eating the grass…he is always eating!DSC_0170 {blog}

And here is one more…he has one of the best smiles ever!

DSC_0522 {web{

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