Rainbow Cupcakes

I have been seeing these beautiful rainbow cakes everywhere (thinking about making this for Jocelyn’s next birthday). I thought it might be fun since my Mom loves to make cupcakes, that we make some rainbow ones.  All we did was take a white cake mix, mix it according to the box, and then separate it into 6 bowls.  We added food coloring to all the bowls.  We then took a spoon of purple (violet) and put in the cupcake liner.  Then we layered the remaining colors on top. I followed the ROYBGIV Smile minus the indigo! It helped to spread the layers with a little spoon to get the colors to the edges. Cooked for 16 minutes and then icing on top. This was pretty time consuming but really fun and pretty.  Jocelyn loved them!

DSC_0533 copy