Jackson’s baby dedication

On Mother’s day our church had a baby dedication for all the newborns or kids who had not been dedicated yet.  We got Jocelyn dedicated last year and it was very special.  We  made a promise before the Lord {and our church} to submit her to God’s will and to raise her according to God’s Word.  It was Jackson’s turn this year.  We had Nana and Papa, Mammaw and Grandpa, Mimi, and Grannie and Paw Paw all here for his special day.  Here are some photos from the day.

We started the morning by Justin taking us out to eat out at Village Inn for Mother’s day.

DSC_0424 copy

And then Justin’s parents and Grandparents flew in

DSC_0429 copy

And we made our way up to church

DSC_0431 copy

And Jackson got dedicated

DSC_0437 copy

DSC_0436-2 copy

and so did Jocelyn’s buddy Noah Smile

DSC_0440 copy

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