She is getting so big!

I took these pictures the other day.  Every time I put her hair back into a ponytail it makes her look so much older and makes me a little sad.  I am glad she is growing and is healthy, but I don’t want time to go so quickly!

DSC_0237 copy 2

She will be two and a half in about a month.  She is completely potty trained, even through the night.  We are so proud of her.  We were laying in her bed the other night and Justin was reading her One fish, Two fish and she was completing his sentences.  She remembers most of the words since they read it so much; it is fun to see her join in on the reading.  She has an awesome memory!

DSC_0204 copy 6{web}

She is also a wonderful big sister {most of the time}.  I was folding laundry in my room and I could just hear her and Jackson giggling in the living room.  Not sure what she was doing to make him laugh so hard.  His eyes light up when he sees her.  They are so cute!

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