Jackson: 6 months

Jackson turned 6 months old yesterday.  We don’t go in for his check up and shots until next week.  I thought I would snap a photo of him today though.  I hope to take some 6 month photos when my mom is here in a couple weeks. Hopefully he will be sitting good by then.  He is sitting briefly by himself but uses his arms to help prop.  He tried sweet potatoes and pears for the first time this week and loved them.  I have been making all his baby food {thanks, Baby Love} and it is so much cheaper!  Also, I definitely notice that he eats a lot more than Jocelyn did.  Most of my friends said that they noticed a difference between their boys and girls.  I feel like he is always hungry.  We are in trouble!  He is currently taking three naps during the day and then sleeps about 11 hours at night.  and he is still the happiest little guy.  His smiles fill up my heart.

Here is the little man at six months

DSC_0123 copy 12web

and a photo of the three of us since I am hardly ever in any pictures. Love self timers!  I really need one of the whole family.  Maybe Justin will be up for a mini photo shoot after work today!

DSC_0167 copy 5web

I will get Jackson’s 6 month stats up next week.



Jackson was 16 pounds, 14 ounces (34%), 25.75 inches (21%) and his head circumference was 44.9 cm (78%).  Find Jocelyn’s 6 month stats here.

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