House Tour: Front Flower Bed {weekend three}

Friday, we all went up to Hillside Nursery to pick out our flowers and bushes.  Justin and I didn’t really know what we wanted so we had them help us pick out everything.  I think it turned out really good.  Here is what our finished flower beds look like. 

DSC_0056 copy

Here is what we purchased. Some of the plants are hard to see since they are so small. I will put some close-ups below.

DSC_0039 copy

Jocelyn helped Justin plant the Impatiens.  She also got a little watering can so she can help water her flowers.  The Impatiens are annuals so we will have to replace them next spring or put something else there until the grape hollies get bigger.

DSC_0033 copy

DSC_0077 copy

DSC_0071 copy

DSC_0040 copy

DSC_0080 copy

Two of our plants were bare root, meaning they haven’t been planted in soil.  They keep them down in this little cellar and they are a lot cheaper.  They are really small right now but will grow to be pretty big.

DSC_0078 copy

DSC_0081 copy

On Saturday, we went back up to Hillside and bought two trees, mulch and a couple more bushes.  One of the trees we bought was a bare root weeping willow.  We paid $48 dollars for it and will pick it up next weekend.  You have to get bare root plants in the ground a.s.a.p. once they leave the cellar.  We decided to hold off on taking it home since we had a lot to do this weekend.  The other tree is a Royal Raindrops Crabapple.  We planted that on the other side of our driveway.

DSC_0066 copy

DSC_0082 copy

DSC_0084 copy

I am also proud we got a lot of the dirt and rock moved from when we started.  We put the rest of the rock in burlap bags to use for later projects.  Justin is going to finish spreading the dirt around the yard where it is needed.

DSC_0069 copy

All that is left to do is seed the yard and hopefully we will get to that this week or weekend.

4 thoughts on “House Tour: Front Flower Bed {weekend three}

  1. Jen says:

    Thanks Tamara!! I don’t know about me, but Justin definitely worked hard 🙂 Someone had to play with the babies.

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