House Tour: Front Flower Beds {weekend two}

Wow, so I didn’t get those pictures up last Thursday like I said I would.  But here they are.

Last weekend, Justin finished up putting on the cap stones on the flower bed wall and then we filled the beds up with dirt.

DSC_1500 copy

DSC_1508 copy

DSC_1486 copy

We put rocks here instead of dirt, so the hose wouldn’t get muddy

DSC_1501 copy

and down by our daylight window.  We are also going to get a big pot with a plant to put down there.

DSC_1504 copy

Justin might be a goof, but he is such a hard hard worker. Love him!

DSC_1515 copy

DSC_1521 copy

She must get that from her daddy Smile

DSC_1492 copy

DSC_1484 copy

We finished getting all of the shrubs and flowers {even a tree} this weekend so those pictures will be coming soon.  It looks so good! We love it Smile