House Tour: Front Flower Bed {weekend one}

Justin took off work two Fridays ago so we could start building the flower beds for the front of our house.  We picked out stone and I ordered rock and dirt earlier that week.  It was all delivered on Friday.  We also rented a tamper and some survey equipment to help make sure it was level.  After a trip to Lowes and a cup of coffee for Justin, we dug the ditch  and added 3/4” rock where the stone would go to give it a good base.

DSC_1356 copy

DSC_1357 copy

DSC_1361 copy

I did help, but not as much I would have liked to.  I had a fussy baby that day.  For those of you who know happy Jackson, yes he does have some fussy moments.  I’m not making that up! 

DSC_1363 copy

DSC_1366-2 copy

DSC_1371 copy

Jocelyn was a big help though.  She loved putting rocks and dirt into her bucket and carrying it over to dump it where it went. 

DSC_1368 copy

DSC_1377 copy

The next day we had some surprise visitors/ helpers come {thanks Grandpa and Mammaw!} and help get the wall up.  It was a very rainy day {probably why I didn’t get pictures}, making it so muddy.  I took one Sunday of what they got done.

DSC_1482 copy

I will get pictures up of what we got done last weekend tomorrow Smile

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