When Jocelyn was Jackson’s age now she had so many wonderful rolls.  Jackson is finally getting some now that he has started eating baby food.  Still not a many as Jocelyn though.  I took these photos yesterday so I would have something embarrassing for when just in case he back talks me as a teenager.  Actually the truth is I saw a photo like this on someone else’s website and thought it was so cute. 

Diptych 3 copy

And I really don’t think I’ll have to embarrass him.  He is such a wonderful baby and is just happy go lucky {like his daddy}, so I hope this sweet nature continues throughout his life.  Love this little man to pieces.

Jackson woke up in the middle of his afternoon nap yesterday, so we laid in my bed while I nursed and we both fell asleep.  Jocelyn woke us up after her nap.  She crawled into bed with us and just looked so cute, so I had to snap her photo. I love this little lady to pieces too.  I am so blessed to have such amazing kids!

DSC_1933 copy 3{web}jpg

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