Jackson: 5 Months

Jackson turned 5 months old yesterday.  He doesn’t go back into the doctor until 6 months for a well baby check up. I do know his weight though because we were at the doctor last week checking for RSV since a close friend of Jocelyn’s has it.  But nope, it was just allergies. Anyways he weighed 15 pounds, 8 ounces. He gained almost 2 pounds since he was in the hospital a month ago.

Jackson has started solid foods. He has only had rice cereal and peas so far.  This time around I am trying to make all my own baby food minus the cereal.  Doing good so far but all I’ve made it peas. Green beans and bananas are next.

He is rolling over from belly to back and getting pretty close to going from back to belly.

Here is Jackson at 5 months old.



and here is a cute picture I snapped of Jackson and Jocelyn because of course she had to be in some 🙂


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