Jackson: 4 months

Let me just start by saying, Jackson is usually a really good baby. He normally only fusses when he is hungry, dirty or tired.  Well he was tired in this photo and I want to remember that sweet baby who just wanted to snuggle his momma. No worries he took a nap immediately after a few pictures…



I took him to the doctor Tuesday for his 4 month check up.  He was 13 pounds 14 ounces (27%), 24.75 inches (43%), and his head circumference was 43 cm (70%).  Two month stats here and Jocelyn’s 4 month stats here.  He had the same shots as he did at his two month check up and did just fine.  He only cried when they pricked him. He didn’t gain as much weight as I thought he would have and he was even down 3 ounces from when I took him to the doctor last week.  I had to take him in because he caught a little virus and wasn’t keeping anything down.  We ended staying the night in the hospital and he was on an IV so he would stay hydrated.  I’m guessing he lost a little weight from that ordeal.  He is back to eating normal now and he even had rice cereal for the first time Tuesday night.  He was not a fan, but he did better last night.  Jackson is still a great sleeper (he sleeps anywhere from 9-11 hours at night) and is on a schedule. I love my happy boy!

And here are some more pictures of Jackson from the past month






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