The Joy of Love {Day One}

When I heard Willette was offering “the Joy of love” class for FREE, I couldn’t wait to get her little pointers in my inbox for the month of February.

Here are the “requirements” of the class…

suggested class materials:

  • someone(s) you love
  • a camera
  • a desire to stretch your photographic skills

what you can expect from this willette JOY class:

  • a daily email during the month of February
  • the email will contain a photo idea and occasional tips
  • a public flickr gallery to share photos
  • an album template download at the end for all of your photos you take during the class
  • a journey to help you document your loved one(s) – whether it is a spouse, partner, child, pet, parent or friend

And, I decided that I wanted to take the opportunity to capture my husband!

Today’s Prompt: What they do

day 1{February 1} : Shovels our driveway 🙂

DSC_0828   DSC_0832

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