Christmas Traditions

Justin and I decided to start some traditions this year since Jocelyn is old enough to enjoy them. The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we are going to set up our Christmas tree.  Jocelyn didn’t quite understand what to do this year and wanted to play with all the ornaments.

After we explained to her, she kind of got it. She has been doing a really good job of just looking and not taking the ornaments off the tree.

We ended our night watching Christmas movies. I am trying to come up with more ideas. I really want to take Jocelyn to look at Christmas lights and Saturday we are going to see Santa. She is very excited.



3 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions

  1. Teresa says:

    Ah the idea of Christmas traditions. One of my fav MOPS topics from past years!! Not that my family didn’t have traditions growing up I just wanted to be more intentional about setting some new ones. Now you’ve inspired me to look back in my MOPS files to find more.
    Somethings we do each year…make a Bday cake for Jesus that the kids decorate and then of course sing to him, they get 3 presents good enough for Jesus- good enough for my kids, they get a new ornament each year that either has a date or something to do w/ an event or something they are into that year, new christmas pjs….and I’m sure there’s more…
    3 we are doing this year- Tree Skirt with their hand prints. I am going to cut their hand print from felt and sew on tree skirt or you can glue it or even use paint hand prints..but man that is messy with little little ones. Mark the date and their names. Wish I had heard of this 7 years ago when Emma was little! I am also going to make them time capsule ornaments. I think we shared those at mops last year. These ideas can be found at as well. And lastly I am going to gather up all our books about christmas and maybe buy a few new ones to have one to read each night of December.
    Recently found some ideas at it’s a november post titled Holiday ideas. There are sooo many out there and so fun to explore which ones work for your family!! Have fun!

  2. Jen says:

    Thanks for the suggestions Teresa! I will have to try some of these things. We did a gingerbread house yesterday and that was fun. I also want to make an ornament with them every year and they are getting Christmas PJs. And I def want to make a birthday cake for Jesus. Jocelyn will LOVE that. Hope all is going great. I enjoy keeping up with your family on your blog!

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