Halloween Weekend

Saturday night, we all headed to a neighborhood Halloween Party.  Jocelyn has really been into The Wiggles lately so we decided to dress up as them. It was a really easy costume to make too.


And Sunday night, the kids got into their real costumes. Jocelyn was a cow girl


and Jackson was a cow.


Jocelyn had so much fun trick or treating this year. She would actually say “Trick or Treat” and also “Happy Halloween.” So cute!



She only went to three houses before we went to our Church’s Fall Extravaganza.  Max and April’s house was one of those.  We got to see Graham’s cute little pumpkin costume.


Jocelyn had a lot of fun at the Church too even though we were only there for 30 minutes.  She got tons of candy, played a few games, and bounced in the bouncy house.