Our Perfect Saturday

Yesterday, Justin didn’t end up having to work like he thought he was going to.  We spent the morning running our errands and then at lunch enjoyed a picnic on our deck while watching the airplanes fly over our heads from the air show.  Jocelyn really enjoyed watching the airplanes (so did Justin :))



And that afternoon, we FINALLY got internet set up at our house too (2 months later). Thank you AT&T!

Later that night, Jocelyn went over to Noah’s house for a few hours for a play date, while Justin and I went out on a date of our own.  My friend, Annie, offered to watch her so we could do this. So nice!  Thanks Annie! Here is Jocelyn and Noah when I dropped her off.


For our date, Justin and I went to dinner at Kobe Steakhouse.  It was delicious and really fun to just get to spend time with my husband. We sat with another couple and little girl’s birthday party.  She was turning 10.  It was fun to think that we’ll be doing that for Jocelyn someday.  At the end of the meal, everyone got their bill except us.  We just waited patiently for ours and the couple that sat with us paid and left.  After they left, the waitress came up to us and said they had taken care of our bill.  I think Justin and my mouths both dropped. Kobe steakhouse isn’t cheap! We both just didn’t know what to think and were in shock.

After we left, we ran up to Family Video to grab a movie before we picked up Jocelyn.  When we went to check out they told us we had a free movie.  I about lost it, probably because of my pregnancy hormones, but also because I couldn’t believe our whole date night was completely free. That never happens.  Justin and I felt completely blessed and grateful! Jocelyn had a great night too and it was hard to get her to leave Noah’s.  So happy Justin didn’t end up having to work, because we had such a great day!

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