Support Diabetes…kind of long

April 18th of this year marked the 5 year point from when Justin was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes.  He has been working pretty hard at getting his body into shape and back to where he was at when he got diabetes.   A little background: When he first found out he was diabetic, he had probably had it for a couple of months or so already.  He got pretty sick in January one night all of the sudden.  After that he lost about thirty pounds and was extremely thirsty all the time.  We had traveled to Georgia over Spring Break to visit and help my parents move mulch all over their yard.  He told my mom his symptoms and she told him to go get checked out as soon as we got home.  Well we got home and got busy and waited about a month.  I had to go to the doctor for some reason, so I set him up an appointment as well.  I can remember that day so clearly.  It was so scary and his blood sugar was very high (507).  His mom drove up immediately and Justin stayed the night in the hospital to get his blood sugar back to normal.  It took a lot of adjusting and luckily he worked at home over the summer.  He had his mom cooking and he was working outside.  So he was in pretty good shape.  Over the past 5 years, he has had his ups and downs, but overall he has done really good with it.  I still get very scared if he has a low blood sugar.  I am thankful that he wakes up in the middle of the night if it is low.  The high sugars are harder to tell because there aren’t immediate symptoms.  He knows what to do in both situations. 

We watched Celebrity Apprentice last season.  I know, lame right.  Well, Bret Michaels was on the show and ended up winning.  He won a lot of money for the American Diabetes Association (which was his chosen charity, since he lives with type 1 diabetes too).  He just recently found out that his daughter might have diabetes.  That scares me beyond belief.  Jocelyn has a 1 in 17 chance of getting diabetes. I think Bret’s daughter’s chances were higher since he had diabetes before the age on 10. Justin was 21 when he got it.  I just don’t want to see my baby go through what Justin has to do everyday.

For years now we have been meaning to sign up to do a walk to support The American Diabetes Association, but we have never followed through on it.  Well this year, there will be walk held at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita. It is on October 9, 2010 at 10 am. I set up a team in Justin’s name and if you are in the Wichita area and would like to walk with him that would be awesome.  If you aren’t interested in walking or don’t live here, then you can also donate money to the ADA through Justin’s team.  We are going to try and raise $1,000.  I know that is a lot of money but it is very little compared to what the ADA needs.  Since I will either be extremely pregnant, in labor, or with a very new baby,  I will not be walking.  However, unless I am in labor, I (new baby or not) will be there to support Justin.  And he will probably pull Jocelyn along in her wagon.  My whole goal during this time is to try and provide him with nutritious meals.  So another way you could help, is sending me a healthy recipe.  Pass this along to anyone you know and if you would like to help, here is the link to where you can sign up to be on his team or donate.

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Walk to Fight Diabetes FAQ

When and Where Can I Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes? Saturday, October 9: Sedgwick County Zoo 5555 Zoo Boulevard, Wichita, KS 67212

When does the Walk begin and how long is it? Registration and Donation Turn-In is at 9:00 am and the Walk starts at 10:00 am. There are 1,2, and 3K routes available

How  Do I register? Register to be on my team and walk with me here. Scroll to bottom of page and click Join Team

Is there a registration fee? No—there is no fee to register!

Special Bonus: Those who donate $100 or more will receive a free photo session with me (if you want it, contact and let me know you’ve donated and we’ll set up a time)…Just in time for Christmas Cards!

Any question feel free to email me at

Thanks for your help!