Jocelyn and Kate’s Play Date

Jocelyn got to have a friend over on Saturday and they had so much fun. Jocelyn and Kate get a long so well and are becoming best buds.  The girls played a little bit, ate lunch, we took them on a walk and then they both went down for a nap.  After their nap we let them watch Elmo, play some more and then Kate had to go home. I think they enjoyed chasing each other around the house and trying to make the other one laugh the most. So cute!

Here is a quick picture I snapped.  It was hard to get them both in focus or both looking at me. This was the best one I got.  They both looked at each other and then me and then said “cheese” at the exact same time 🙂


Later that night Jocelyn got to take a bath in our big bathtub. I got a couple of cute photos.  She had so many bubbles!