33 Weeks Pregnant

I am 33 Weeks pregnant today. Yesterday, I went into the doctor for an ultrasound and checkup.  I wanted to get my fluid levels checks since they were on the low side with Jocelyn.  My levels looked good this time. The baby is still a boy, his heartbeat was 124 and he was measuring 34 weeks 1 day (so still a little big).  Jocelyn loves seeing the baby on the monitor and hearing his heartbeat.  Here are some of the sonogram pictures they took. They aren’t that good this time.



I have been feeling pretty good.  I think I was having some Braxton Hicks contractions on Sunday.  I never noticed them with Jocelyn, but probably because I didn’t know what they felt like.  The boy also got the hiccups during church, which is the first time I have felt him hiccup.  We still have not decided on a name.

I am going to try and get a blog up of the living room and baby’s room sometime this week even though they aren’t completely decorated.

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